In our Better Makers series, we meet with business owners and individuals who are helping people be better humans, like Garth Tavares, who runs The Cape Town Vegan. He regularly shares his top restaurant and product finds in Cape Town.

Why Did You Start Cape Town Vegan? 

I started it as a resource for myself to keep track of all the great vegan offerings in the Mother City. Little did I know, it would grow to be such a valuable resource for everyone else as well!

What Does Doing Better Mean to You?

My motto with regards to doing better is inspired by the (only accepted) definition of the word veganism: “as far as is possible and practical.” Doing better is making a difference when you can, with the resources that one has at the time. We cannot and shouldn’t ever compare our version of “doing better” with someone else’s.

How to get hold of  Cape Town Vegan:

Garth Tavares

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