In our Better Makers series, we meet with business owners who are helping people be better humans, like Sam Moleta, who is one half of husband-and-wife-duo The Refillery in Cedar Square, Johannesburg. 

What is The Refillery? 

We are a single-use plastic-free grocery store that sells all your pantry staples, condiments and containers, to toiletries and cleaning products all in a refillable manner in either recycled brown paper bags, store-bought containers or B.Y.O jars to refill and save further. 
Shopping in a weigh-and-pay manner allows for minimal-to-zero food wastage and we are always aiming to be as zero-waste as possible. We have our first physical store in Cedar Square shopping centre that has been open for 8 months now and we have plans to grow much larger within the next year. We also deliver all our products online which come in recycled brown paper bags or in glass containers. Making eco-conscious living easy and convenient and stylish… caring is always stylish!

What Does Doing Better Mean to You?

In a world where every move you make is scrutinized and your every action or decision is judged, I feel doing “better” should be something you do on a personal level, well it is to us anyway. We knew we could do better, we knew we wanted to do better, we just weren’t sure to what degree that was.
It started with small household/family changes like better recycling, better meal planning for less waste weekly. Better lifestyle choices from single-use to reusable, healthier snacking, sustainable purchases, and ultimately, to becoming a more conscious consumer. We felt better about our choices, better about our future but still thought we could most likely do BETTER. So we decided to open up a planet-friendly grocer, with zero single-use plastics focused on locally and ethically sourced, sustainable products of the highest quality. 
We have been open 8 months and have managed to secure 3 full-time employees, 3 part-time, with almost 6K followers, over 7 tonnes of food sold without plastic, 6.5k customers and growing and over 61K single-use plastics removed from the environment. Now that’s better

How to get hold of The Refillery:

Sam Moleta 
011 465 4426
INSTAGRAM @therefillerysa