In our Better Makers series, we meet with business owners who are helping people be better humans, like Gisela Bean, who specializes in movement, meditation, yoga, and pilates.

What Does Wellness Mean to You?

I feel that firstly we must identify what wellness is not so that we can begin to better understand what and how wellness is expressed through each of us individually. Wellness is not Thinness, it is not bulging muscles or emaciated bodies. It is not restrictive diets. It is not pushing yourself physically or mentally to endure. It is not no pain no gain.

Your personal state of wellness cannot be determined by societal, patriarchal norms and ideals. Nor are you obliged to fit into those ideals pushed upon you through the media or social media. 
That is not wellness it is advertising, it’s designed to make you feel lacking in some way therefor driving you to buy something or invest your time and attention into something that promises to make you more socially acceptable. It is designed to keep you in a state of competition so that you do not become aware of the power of collaboration. It is a system base on fear of not being, having or doing enough. Anything that makes you feel lesser robs you of your wellbeing.

So then what is wellness? Wellness is a holistic state of balance and flow between the body, mind, spirit, and heart. If one of those aspects are neglected or denied we fall out of wellness. You can be the fittest, most ripped individual on earth, with the biggest bank balance and millions of followers on social media, but if your spirit, mind, and heart are not being tended to as well you cannot achieve a state of wellbeing. It is an all-encompassing state that requires all aspects of our being to be addressed. Wellness is a state that can only be achieved through full, loving attention being paid to every aspect of our being. A full-body, a full mind, a full spirit, and a full heart equate to wellness. No pain just gain. Wellness is an energetic state in which every aspect of our being functions optimally and with as little pain or dis-ease as possible. A state in which we can achieve our hearts desires without competition or comparison, but instead through service to ourselves and others. Wellness is seeking fullness of life and experience, through connected heart-centered conscious living.

What is Your Differentiator in Terms of How You Approach Your Clients in the Wellness Space?

I have found in my own body and life, as well as seeing it in my clients, that there is an extraordinary transformation that takes place when one commits to a practice of self-care and exploration. It is magical. It is Alchemy.

Within you resides the power to transform, not only your physical body but also to create an internal landscape that is conducive to health and happiness. My hope and greatest wish is to help you pull back that curtain within yourself to reveal your own magic.
I own a small lovingly curated movement, meditation and transformation space called Alchemy Movement. I teach a range of movement modalities that are specifically catered to my client’s individual needs. Classes are adjusted and augmented throughout our practice and we move together intuitively to achieve your personal alchemy and transformation.

My purpose is to lovingly assist and guide you to connect with your body, mind, spirit, and heart. I truly believe that movement should go beyond physical exertion and the pursuit of vanity, to a deeper core connection with your own innate ability to heal and understand not only the physical body but the spirit within. I believe and have seen evidence that through breath, movement, and meditation we can create great healing and change not only in our physical bodies but throughout our lives. My motto is“Healingnot Hustling”.

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