When businesses are authentic they inspire and prosper, they also attract fiercely loyal followers and repeat customers. To me, authenticity is all about personality. Brand personality in a business context.

It is crucial to have your brand represent you and what you do in the most authentic, true-to-self way in order to attract YOUR perfect clients. You want to attract people who understand you, who like you and most importantly, believe in and support what you represent.

Is it not the most amazing feeling to connect to something or someone who shares the same values, opinions, and beliefs? This is exactly how it should be when choosing to support certain brands or people. You want to connect with what they are putting out there. Before you even buy what they might be selling, you need to buy into who they are and what they represent. You want to feel important and heard and feel that by supporting a business or individual whose values align with yours, you are more likely to feel fulfilled and that you’re participating in a greater cause.

If you know me, you know that authenticity is a huge deal to me. It is the crux of all real, deep human connection and we need to keep that underlying thread strong in an age where more and more people are disconnecting from human interaction and instead choosing to keep most conversations confined to their screens where it’s safer.

Here at Better, we aim to be authentic for our clients and help others remain true to themselves when communicating with theirs. We want to lead with heart and foster many true, real connections.


  • Remember your manners online. Say thank you to followers when it
    is warranted. If they compliment you on your services/products or really like a particular piece of content, thank them.
  • Be clear about what you are using social media for.
  • Maintain a good balance between sharing content that is useful, interesting and humorous
  • Be honest and transparent with your followers.
  • Learn from your mistakes and strive to improve. Whether it is a lost mail or a customer query that you somehow missed, own your mistake and strive to do better going forward.